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How to find estate agents and letting agents

If you are selling or letting your property, just search through our database of UK estate agents and letting agents using your area or postcode and you’ll be presented with a list of local estate agents serving your area.

We aim to highlight best practice in the industry, so agents voluntarily register for independent feedback and advocate transparency by choice. This means that not all agents will be registered to receive feedback, although we provide their contact information.

Agent participation ensures that feedback is representative of their business, and you as a consumer can see which agents in your area are making a commitment to customer service and transparency and why. If you know a great local agent who isn’t registered, you should refer them to us via the Write a Review tab.

If you decide to use an agent who is registered for feedback, you can also request a valuation directly through the site. Once you’ve used their services, you should leave a review of your own to help future customers in their decision-making process when choosing an estate or letting agent.

Why use a local estate agent or letting agent?

While there are many options to sell or let privately, traditional agency is still the preferred choice for the large majority of sellers and landlords, with over 90% of UK property transactions made through agents each year.

Local estate agents and letting agents in the UK can really help when selling or letting your property through their knowledge of the local area, expertise and access to all the pertinent information to aid the process.

A good agent will value your property fairly and attractively, advertise to ensure maximum exposure and have a registered pool of applicants. They will pre-qualify your buyer or tenant’s financial position, provide accompanied viewings and negotiate on your behalf, which can be uncomfortable to do yourself.

As experts in their field, UK estate agents and letting agents will also advise you on your legal responsibilities as a seller or landlord – property legislation, particularly for landlords, is complex and ever-changing. There also are many aspects of a property transaction that can go wrong, and an agent’s experience of the process will also help avoid unnecessary delays by managing issues as they develop.

Make an informed decision with consumer reviews and expert advice

Choosing an experienced local estate or letting agent is possibly the single most important decision in the sale or let of your property. Our sole focus is to provide consumers with the ability to make an informed choice and connect them to great local professionals.

Since all reviews we publish are made by the agent’s customers – that is, sellers and landlords – you can be sure that you will find estate agents or letting agents that will have your best interests at heart and be confident that you are making the right decision.

In areas where we don’t have agents registered for feedback, our news and advice section provides you with all the information you need to make a good decision including the role of an agent, what to expect, information about agency contracts and regulation.

Letting agent and estate agent reviews help make it easy to find the best estate agents and letting agents who meet your needs. By writing reviews about an agent you have used or recommending a great local agent us, you can help other consumers too.

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Why do we promote transparency by choice?

Customer reviews allow you to find an agent who meets your needs, and agents benefit from receiving honest feedback about the service they provide. However, happy customers must be encouraged to use review forums, while unhappy customers are more likely to seek them out.

This means that open review forums often don’t portray comparative service levels accurately: an agent who actively encourages customers to leave reviews may top the rankings, while an equally good agent who doesn’t participate may have reviews that are heavily biased towards the negative.

We know that consumers won’t use a ‘bad’ agent, whether the reputation is unfair or not. This is why we built a platform that is based on transparency by choice, as it enables agents to demonstrate their service based on independent feedback without being unfair to those who don’t participate.

MeetMyAgent is therefore the place where consumers can ‘meet’ the estate or letting agent they will choose sell or let their property, not read about the bad ones – after all, it’s in the name.

Consumer advice by industry experts

As well as providing you with a quick and easy way to find estate agents and letting agents, you will also find plenty of advice related to selling or letting your property.

We have BBC mortgage experts, government tenancy deposit schemes, industry regulators and, of course, our own team contributing to our news and advice section. Whether it’s advice on mortgages, information on agency contracts or practical tips for landlords and sellers, all our articles are thoroughly researched and written by experts in their field.

This combination of advice and letting and estate agent reviews means you will be able to make an informed choice and find UK estate agents and letting agents, as well as learn about all aspects of property, giving you the best chance of selling or letting your home quickly and at the right price.

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March 2018 News

Global investment in properties reached a new all time high of $1.6 trillion in 2017, and money from Asia made up over half of all the money invested. London has remained as the preferred location for investing international money as Brexit concerns were offset by a drop in the sterling value, according to a report from the property company Cushman and Wakefield.

Annually, the amount spent globally on property increased by nearly 14%, with Asian investors taking up a lot of this by increasing their exposure to the markets. Meanwhile, in Europe, the money spent by inventors from the far east and Asia, nearly doubled due to a small amount of gigantic transactions in relation to the Chinese Belt and Chinese Road initiative, which is a new trade route which spans a massive sixty five countries.