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Funding for Lending: price wars, cautious lenders and forgotten FTBs

21 August 2012MeetMyAgent

This month saw the launch of the government’s highly anticipated Funding for Lending Scheme, aimed at increasing lending for mortgages and businesses. Three weeks in, we look at the early effects of the scheme. How it works Funding for Lending works by allowing banks and building societies to borrow funds from the Bank of England four up to …


  • Second-time buyers face £41k hurdle to trade up

    11 June 2012MeetMyAgent

    Buyers are now facing a cost of £41,000 when moving up the property ladder from their first home, almost 300% more than the £14,000 needed to make the same move 10 years ago. The research…


  • The 10-Step Mortgage Guide

    07 May 2012Coreco

    From preparing to enter the mortgage maze to receiving the mortgage offer that helps you purchase your dream home, this simple, 10-step jargon-free guide will help you take the right turns, avoid the…