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Help to Buy: are we risking another housing bubble?

22 March 2013MeetMyAgent

The housing market could benefit from up to £130bn of new mortgages after Chancellor George Osborne unveiled a daring new stimulus package in the latest Budget. A new Help to Buy scheme was announced to help buyers purchase new builds and, from 2014, second hand homes with a minimum 5% deposit. While many will welcome the scheme as much need…

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  • Net lending falls despite Funding for Lending

    05 March 2013MeetMyAgent

    New figures from the Bank of England show that net mortgage lending has fallen since August 2012, despite the government’s Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) being introduced. Net lending was dow…

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  • FTBs driving increase in housing transactions

    18 January 2013MeetMyAgent

    Increased activity in the first-time buyer market contributed to a 6% increase the number of loans advanced for house purchases in November 2012 according to data released this week by the Council of…

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  • Buying property or getting married: which is the bigger commitment?

    30 November 2012MeetMyAgent

    According to research by Halifax, 28% of 25-34 year olds believe that buying a property together is a bigger commitment than marriage. The figures showed that around one in four 25-34 year olds were …

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  • Available properties down by a third but demand still lacking

    16 November 2012MeetMyAgent

    The number of properties for sale has dropped 38% since the beginning of the recession according to a recent report by estate agent regulatory body, the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA). …

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  • BTL lending up but transaction numbers the same

    13 November 2012MeetMyAgent

    Buy-to-let mortgage lending between July and September was up 8% on the previous three months, according to figures released by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML). The data showed the value of BTL…

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  • What does the Mortgage Market Review mean?

    09 November 2012Coreco

    There has been much to discuss in the mortgage world over the past few days with the launch of the much anticipated Mortgage Market Review from the FSA. Whilst there will always be some who say it wa…

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  • Co-op’s new FTB deal could be a game changer

    06 November 2012MeetMyAgent

    The Co-operative Bank is shaking up the mortgage market by launching a new 90% loan-to-value mortgage product aimed at first-time buyers. At 3.99% for a fixed two-year mortgage with no arrangement fe…

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  • House sales up but can growth be sustained?

    23 October 2012MeetMyAgent

    Research by Lloyds TSB has shown that house sales rose in 324 of 500 towns tracked in the first six months of this year compared to the same period in 2011. This is a welcome indication of an improvi…

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  • What should you do if you have difficulty paying your mortgage?

    12 October 2012MeetMyAgent

    With household bills increasing, cuts to child benefit and unemployment, while falling, still stubbornly high, it’s no secret that many are struggling with their finances. Add to this mix incre…

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  • Is The Funding For Lending Scheme Working?

    09 October 2012Coreco

    When the Funding For Lending Scheme was launched there were many who had high hopes that, whilst it was never going to cure all the lending market’s ills, finally there was a scheme that seemed t…

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  • Funding for Lending: price wars, cautious lenders and forgotten FTBs

    21 August 2012MeetMyAgent

    This month saw the launch of the government’s highly anticipated Funding for Lending Scheme, aimed at increasing lending for mortgages and businesses. Three weeks in, we look at the early effec…

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  • 2012: An Olympic year for the UK housing market?

    21 June 2012MeetMyAgent

    We have seen a great deal of conjecture in the press and amongst industry commentators regarding the future of the housing market in 2012. Every month there is a new set of seemingly-conflicting hous…

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  • M: socks, sandwiches and… mortgages

    14 June 2012MeetMyAgent

    Marks & Spencerhas justannounced that they are adding to their financial services arm with a new proposition offering bank accounts and mortgages in a joint venture with HSBC. They already offer …

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  • What is really happening to mortgage prices?

    06 June 2012Coreco

    In the midst of the swirling Euro storm which, depending on which report you read, threatens to dip the whole world into endless chaos, the UK mortgage market has been surprisingly stable up to this …

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  • What could a Greek eurozone exit mean for the UK housing market?

    23 May 2012MeetMyAgent

    Last week the Bank of England Governor Mervyn King said there is the “risk of a storm heading our way” in relation to the crisis engulfing the eurozone, exacerbated by a seemingly imminen…

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  • The 10-Step Mortgage Guide

    07 May 2012Coreco

    From preparing to enter the mortgage maze to receiving the mortgage offer that helps you purchase your dream home, this simple, 10-step jargon-free guide will help you take the right turns, avoid the…

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  • Why NewBuy might be a NoBuy

    25 April 2012MeetMyAgent

    We recently saw the announcement of the government’s NewBuy scheme, which aims to encourage an increase in lending, stimulate the housing market and help first-time buyers onto the property lad…

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  • Let to Buy – the new trend in mortgages

    23 April 2012Coreco

    For many buyers, finding their new home is not the main issue, selling their existing one is the frustrating part. With demand for rental property at a high and rental incomes rising as a result, a g…

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