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Landlords face deposit disputes and a £900 repair bill

26 October 2012MeetMyAgent

Since 2007, landlords have been legally required to pay tenants’ deposits into a tenancy deposit protection scheme to ensure safe return at the end of the tenancy. The schemes are also there to arbitrate in the event of a dispute over deductions to the deposit. While some damage during a tenancy is to be expected, a common dispute between la…


  • What to do if a tenancy turns sour

    21 September 2012mydeposits

    Are you an attentive landlord attuned to your tenant’s needs? Do you pride yourself on maintaining good landlord-tenant relationships and keeping regular communication? And are your tenants awa…


  • Deposit disputes: don’t fall at the final hurdle

    03 August 2012mydeposits

    For most landlords the thought of a dispute at the end of a tenancy can fill you with dread. But just because only approximately one per cent of tenancies end in a dispute doesn’t mean you shou…


  • Check in and check out – more than a tick box exercise

    02 July 2012mydeposits

    There are a lot a lot of things that you need to cover in order to ensure a smooth and successful tenancy. Checking in and out are vital parts of the overall process and should not be viewed as just …


  • The Landlord’s Guide to Letting

    28 June 2012MeetMyAgent

    So you have taken the plunge and decided to become a landlord, fantastic! We outline some key points you need to consider when letting out your property, from finding a tenant to managing the propert…


  • Agent regulatory bodies explained

    25 June 2012MeetMyAgent

    When you call an estate agent or letting agent round to value your property, they may tell you they belong to a regulatory body such as TPO, NAEA, NALS, etc. As an owner, do you know anything about t…


  • MeetMyAgent’s Ash: Why I support SAFE Agent

    16 May 2012MeetMyAgent

    I am supporting SAFE Agent awareness week via MeetMyAgent and the reasons for doing so are from personal experience. Before starting MeetMyAgent, I was a lettings manager of a small independent in Fu…


  • Supporting National SAFE Agent Awareness Week

    14 May 2012MeetMyAgent

    It is important that landlords and tenants are aware of the risks involved when using an agent that doesn’t participate in client money protection schemes – in fact, one of the driving factors …


  • Changes to tenancy deposit protection legislation

    20 April 2012Seddons

    Since 1st April 2007, landlords have by law had to protect an assured shorthold tenants deposit in one of three government authorised schemes. The law in this area has recently been updated – w…