Student accommodation rental in cities – Sheffield

Student life in Sheffield

Student accommodation is a particularly interesting aspect of the rental market.

In this series of articles we will be doing a quick once over on various major cities, in this edition we chose Sheffield, deep in the county of Yorkshire, Sheffield offers a nice balance for students with a choice of two high quality universities, a very safe city (in the context of other UK cities in the modern times) and close proximity to the peak district.

Some of the things Sheffield has to offer to students

Peak district

The Peaks are almost 4 times the size of Sheffield, and have an abundance of gorgeous scenery and places to visit (and eat and drink!) For the climbers among you, there is some great cliffs and bouldering too. It is easily accessible by trains bus or car, and is reached within 5 minutes from the west side of the city.

Varsity and Sporting facilities

Sheffields sporting facilities are a great factor for any budding student. The two universities, Sheffield Hallam University and Sheffield University compete for points in various different sports and end up being crowned the champions of Sheffield. This is Varsity!

Best Students Union in the Country

Sheffield University has now been voted the top Union in the UK for 9 x in a row!! That’s a sure sign that if you pick Sheffield, you will be getting superb resourced and all the support you need.

 Safest City

Sheffield has twice been voted the safest city in Britain, surely a good thing for student living!

Quality student accommodation in Sheffield

There are numerous choices in Sheffield for student accommodation. You could pick somewhere like student accommodation in Sheffield to rent a house in quality areas like Ecclesall in Sheffield (Peak Districts doorstep!) or if you are more of a town dweller you could look to SHU accommodation  or use uni halls of residence in your first year then move to a shared house for your second year. Shared houses full of students are a must do on your uni experience list!!!!

Cheap living in Sheffield

Sheffield is a northern city! and that means prices are much lower than you would expect to pay in for example London or the South. This include the cost of rents, drinks and meal prices, entertainment prices, taxis etc. The list goes on


Uber are in Sheffield which means that pricey taxis are a thing of the past, but do your research!! check a drivers feedback thoroughly before getting in any Uber, check the Uber is the one that the app says is arriving, and as a general rule, we would always advise women to travel in pairs at a minimum, regardless of what mode of stranger transport you are using.


Meadowhall is a fantastic addition to Sheffield, literally one of the best shopping centres in the UK. In fact some may say it is a reason to study in Sheffield! What more can one ask for, all the best stores under one roof and some of the coolest clothes around all in one easy shopping session. Great way to test the student overdraft out!