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First Time Buyers Bite on Forty Year Mortgages

08 September 2014MeetMyAgent

The first time buyer mortgage market is set for a shake up, with lenders now offering 35 and 40 year mortgages. Thenumber of first time buyers taking up these deals is increasing, with the attraction of lower monthly payments and an opportunity to get on the property ladder too attractive a proposition to miss. Many buyers expect the burden of inc...

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  • Loathsome lodgers legging without paying landlords?

    06 August 2014MeetMyAgent

    According to a report by insurance firm LV=home insurance, almost twice as many homeowners have a lodger compared to five years ago. The average age of a lodger is reported as 31. Interestingly, a fi...

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  • Funding for Lending Scheme to be scrapped for mortgages

    29 November 2013MeetMyAgent

    The Governer of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, yesterday announced that the house purchasing element of the Funding for Lending Scheme is to be scrapped in February 2014 - bringing the scheme to a...

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  • Don't let a burglar steal your Christmas!

    26 November 2013MeetMyAgent

    Over 50’s insurance provider RIAS has released data which shows there was a 10% increase in burglary frequency in November 2012, and a staggering 25% increase the first week of December 2012. T...

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  • Mortgage overpayments total £9bn a year, says Santander

    22 November 2013MeetMyAgent

    Figures released by Santander show that approximately 19 percent of mortgage holders overpay each month, while 6 percent overpay once a year and 9 per cent overpaying more than once on an ad hoc basi...

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  • More sellers looking to downsize

    19 November 2013MeetMyAgent

    According to a new report by Lloyds Bank, 59 percent of homeowners looking to sell in the next three years want to downsize. Of those, around 43 percent of downsizers cite wanting to reduce bills as ...

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  • Lodging is big business in the UK

    11 November 2013MeetMyAgent

    A study by Santander Mortgages has determined that approximately 1.7m UK homeowners have a lodger in residence, which yields a total income of over £3.3bn per annum in rental payments. A third ...

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  • Majority of under-35s 'nowhere near' getting on property ladder

    22 October 2013MeetMyAgent

    A recent study carried out amongst 2000 under 35’ about their chances of home ownership unveiled a general sentiment of pessimism. The survey, conducted by L&Q London Housing Association, s...

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  • Sky's the limit for Judges' lodgings

    17 October 2013MeetMyAgent

    The Ministry of Justice has confirmed that Sky TV has been cancelled in 11 of 32 residences used to accommodate judges who travel across England and Wales to hear cases. The move come as part of a dr...

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  • £1 to buy a home

    14 October 2013MeetMyAgent

    A scheme in Liverpool designed to revive disused properties in the city has handed Jayalal Madde, a self-employed taxi driver, the keys to his new £1 home. He is the first of 20 people to take ...

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  • RICS reports a near 4 year high in sold homes

    10 October 2013MeetMyAgent

    The latest Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) report shows that the number of homes sold in the UK hit an almost four year high last month. During the three months to September the average...

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  • Housing costs: the premium of a good education

    07 October 2013MeetMyAgent

    According to research by Nationwide, nearly a quarter of parents with children aged between 5 to 16 would pay up to 10% extra on the price of a property in order to fall within the catchment area of ...

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  • Tenants struggling to meet high costs of living

    04 October 2013MeetMyAgent

    A YouGov poll commissioned by housing charity Shelter has suggested that six in ten working families are finding it difficult to meet their rent or mortgage payments or are falling into arrears. This...

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  • Residents raise £80k to reject Tesco

    01 October 2013MeetMyAgent

    Tesco has seen applications to build a store in the town of Hadleigh, Suffolk, fought three times since 1987 by residents concerned their presence would blight the area and local businesses. The most...

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  • 10 Tips For Showing Your Home

    17 July 2013Linda Haynes

    When you're preparing to show your home to a potential buyer, it is naturally important to make the best impression possible. It takes a thorough effort to make a home particularly appealing to a...

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  • Property owners should be wary of care home ‘trust’ schemes

    24 June 2013MeetMyAgent

    As it stands, the vast majority of homeowners will be liable to pay for their own care in later life as those with more than £23,000 in assets receive no government funding for care fees. Howev...

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  • Stamp duty has ‘downward impact on the housing market’

    28 May 2013MeetMyAgent

    Government policy to encourage home ownership is being undermined by frozen stamp duty thresholds, which is having a ‘downward impact on the housing market’ according to a new report publ...

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  • Leo's weekly property round up: 11/05 - 17/05

    17 May 2013Leo @ MeetMyAgent

    Woof! It's you favourite property pup Leo, bringing you interesting stories from the world of property in one bite-sized blog. 10,000 letting agents signed up for redress While independent redres...

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  • Keeping landlords and tenants monies SAFE

    14 May 2013MeetMyAgent

    This week is a very special week, with it being the second annual SAFE Agent Awareness Week! MeetMyAgent is a continuing supporter of SAFE Agent and what they stand for: highlighting letting agent...

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  • Leo's weekly property round up: 04/05 - 10/05

    10 May 2013Leo @ MeetMyAgent

    Woof! I’m Leo, and each week I bring you top news and interesting stories from the property world – below are my picks for this week. Landlords to be forced to check tenants’ immigr...

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  • Universal Credit: property or politics?

    07 May 2013MeetMyAgent

    Yet another obstacle in the introduction of Universal Credit (UC) came on day one of its pilot launch last week. The online system used to facilitate the new policy is apparently suffering from a bou...

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  • Leo's weekly property round up: 27/04 - 03/05

    03 May 2013Leo @ MeetMyAgent

    Woof! I’m Leo the pup, the real brains behind MeetMyAgent, and welcome to my first ever weekly round up of goings-on in the property industry. The Return of the Buyer With spring finally lookin...

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  • Regional differences increase as house price inflation down

    16 April 2013MeetMyAgent

    Figures from the Office of National Statistics have showed that the average price for properties in London increased 5.9% last year. However, the national picture showed house prices rose by just 1.9...

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  • How the Green Deal can help landlords

    12 April 2013MeetMyAgent

    From 2018, landlords will be required by law to make sure any property they let out has a minimum of an ‘E’ class energy efficiency rating. While lower energy bills will certainly make a ...

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  • Photography tips to sell your home

    09 April 2013MeetMyAgent

    A picture paints a thousand words, so the famous saying goes. When it comes to selling your home, this has never been truer as photographs are the first thing that potential buyers will look at while...

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  • What to look for when viewing a property

    05 April 2013MeetMyAgent

    It can be easy to fall in love with a house at first sight of the beautiful pictures on a property agent’s website, and to hope you have found your dream home. To make sure that dream doesn&rsq...

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  • Location is vital for buy-to-let landlords

    02 April 2013MeetMyAgent

    According to a recent report by property analytics firm Hometrack, 75 per cent of rental properties are in just 25 per cent of the UK – with areas in London at the top of the list. It's no ...

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  • Freeholders win as service charge decision overturned

    29 March 2013MeetMyAgent

    A recent Supreme Court decision has meant that landlords who fail to follow consultation procedures correctly on building repairs will not be penalised if it is deemed that leaseholders are not left ...

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  • How weather affects property buying

    26 March 2013MeetMyAgent

    Houses sell when the sun shines. Estate agents say more people want to move in the spring, summer and autumn than the winter, and the start of spring normally brings house hunters out to search for t...

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  • Help to Buy: are we risking another housing bubble?

    22 March 2013MeetMyAgent

    The housing market could benefit from up to £130bn of new mortgages after Chancellor George Osborne unveiled a daring new stimulus package in the latest Budget. A new Help to Buy scheme was ann...

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  • Four ways to make your home more appealing

    20 March 2013James Gould

    When you are preparing to put a home on the market, there is always a great deal of preparation involved in making sure that the property is in good shape. Any necessary repairs must be addressed, fr...

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  • Is the Buy to Let boom back?

    18 March 2013Coreco

    It has been an interesting few years for the Buy to Let market. In the aftermath of the Credit Crunch we saw lenders pull away from this sector with breathtaking speed, leaving only two large lenders...

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  • MeetMyAgent's Leo: Why I support SAFE Agent

    16 March 2013MeetMyAgent

    Woof! I’m Leo the dog and it’s my job to help consumers sniff out the best estate and letting agents to use. I am also the REAL brains behind MeetMyAgent - the human directors we have are...

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  • Second steppers stuck on the first step

    14 March 2013MeetMyAgent

    Research by Lloyds TSB has found that 3 in 5 aspiring ‘second steppers’ – first-time buyers who are now selling to purchase their second home – have found themselves stuck on ...

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  • House of Lords vote to regulate the lettings industry

    11 March 2013MeetMyAgent

    Last week, the House of Lords voted in favour of a Labour party amendment to the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill forcing letting agents to sign up to a redress scheme, despite government opposi...

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  • Advertising Standards Agency rules letting agents must be transparent about fees

    08 March 2013MeetMyAgent

    In a landmark decision, the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has ruled that letting agents must disclose their fees when marketing a property or they will be breaking the law. The ruling means that...

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  • Net lending falls despite Funding for Lending

    05 March 2013MeetMyAgent

    New figures from the Bank of England show that net mortgage lending has fallen since August 2012, despite the government’s Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) being introduced. Net lending was dow...

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  • OFT calls for better consumer protection in the lettings industry

    22 February 2013MeetMyAgent

    The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has called for better protection for tenants from rogue letting agents after analysis of over 4,000 landlord and tenant complaints. It found that letting agent fees a...

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  • Death of the high street estate agent?

    19 February 2013MeetMyAgent

    Written by Ashley Alexander, co-founder of MeetMyAgent and former agent As a former agent myself, I've watched developments in the online agency model and the benefits they can offer consumers wi...

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  • New year optimism as house sales increase four months in a row

    15 February 2013MeetMyAgent

    House sales increased for the fourth consecutive month in January, a signal that confidence is returning to the market, according to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). While 9% more s...

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  • Broadband speeds high on the list of buyers' priorities

    12 February 2013MeetMyAgent

    In an internet age, a strong broadband connection is vital when buying a new property. In a survey of over 2,000 UK adults, the Halifax found that 30% want their new home purchase to have a strong in...

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  • Taxation of high value residential property for non-natural persons

    08 February 2013Seddons

    The 2012 Budget announced proposals to tackle perceived abuses in the ownership of residential property valued in excess of £2million by non-natural persons. The definition of non-natural perso...

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  • Tenants struggling in Rent Trap Britain

    05 February 2013MeetMyAgent

    According to a new report by housing charity, Shelter, entitled ‘Rent Trap’, rents increased last year by more than £500 in one in seven local authorities while six areas saw rents ...

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  • NewBuy extended to second steppers but there's no silver lining

    01 February 2013MeetMyAgent

    The NewBuy scheme, the government’s flagship scheme to boost the housing market, has been extended to second-time buyers via the NewBuy Part Exchange to increase activity in the property sector...

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  • When things go missing during a tenancy

    24 January 2013mydeposits

    Have you ever found that an ironing board cover or perhaps a toaster is missing at the end of a tenancy and wondered whether it's worth making a deposit deduction to cover the costs? To be fair y...

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  • How to protect your property from ice and snow damage

    21 January 2013MeetMyAgent

    With many parts of the country being affected by snow storms, many properties will be at risk from the damage that can be caused by heavy ice and snow accumulation. Below we run through some of ways ...

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  • FTBs driving increase in housing transactions

    18 January 2013MeetMyAgent

    Increased activity in the first-time buyer market contributed to a 6% increase the number of loans advanced for house purchases in November 2012 according to data released this week by the Council of...

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  • How to protect tenants from ‘feral’ letting agents

    16 January 2013MeetMyAgent

    Written by Liya Fateh, co-founder of MeetMyAgent and landlord Today’s Guardian editorial, “Tenants need protection from feral letting agents”, speaks of agents who charge exorbitant...

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  • More property millionaires than ever as value of Britain's homes up £57bn

    14 January 2013MeetMyAgent

    According to property portal, the combined value of residential stock in the UK was £5.963trn at the end of December 2012, representing a year-on-year rise of 0.97% from £5.9...

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  • Boost in construction sector expected in 2013

    11 January 2013MeetMyAgent

    Construction in the UK is set to see a boost this year, according to the latest Construction Market Survey by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). RICS are predicting an increase in 201...

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  • Revised EPC regulations to kick in

    08 January 2013MeetMyAgent

    Revised Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) regulations are to kick in tomorrow, less than 10 months after new rules were published following confusion from consumers and agents alike on how to meet...

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  • Insurance options for landlords

    14 December 2012Aviva

    There is a great deal of advice out there for people renting apartments, but the bottom line is that a large portion of the property-related burden actually falls on the landlord. When letting your p...

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  • Autumn Statement: effects on UK housing in 2013

    07 December 2012MeetMyAgent

    Chancellor George Osborne delivered the much anticipated Autumn Statement this week, in which he conceded missing his deficit reduction targets and announced that austerity will be extended for anoth...

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  • Landlords easing rent demands in 2013

    04 December 2012MeetMyAgent

    New figures released by Rightmove show that just one in four landlords intend to increase their rental rates in 2013, with only a third of these looking to increase rents by more than 5%. Of 8,594 la...

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  • Buying property or getting married: which is the bigger commitment?

    30 November 2012MeetMyAgent

    According to research by Halifax, 28% of 25-34 year olds believe that buying a property together is a bigger commitment than marriage. The figures showed that around one in four 25-34 year olds were ...

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  • Lettings sector is the wild west of property

    27 November 2012MeetMyAgent

    A consumer letting survey by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) showed that 87% of renters would be behind a single mandatory regulation scheme for all letting agents. According to RIC...

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  • Rising rents may be unsustainable

    23 November 2012MeetMyAgent

    Average rents in England and Wales rose by 0.4% in October, according to research by LSL Property Services. Rent levels are now 3.4% higher than this time last year, reaching a new high of £744...

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  • Average FTB property price increases by 1.5% says ONS

    20 November 2012MeetMyAgent

    Latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that the average price for properties purchased by first-time buyers increased by 1.5% over the past 12 months to £172,000. The ...

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  • Available properties down by a third but demand still lacking

    16 November 2012MeetMyAgent

    The number of properties for sale has dropped 38% since the beginning of the recession according to a recent report by estate agent regulatory body, the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA). ...

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  • BTL lending up but transaction numbers the same

    13 November 2012MeetMyAgent

    Buy-to-let mortgage lending between July and September was up 8% on the previous three months, according to figures released by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML). The data showed the value of BTL...

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  • What does the Mortgage Market Review mean?

    09 November 2012Coreco

    There has been much to discuss in the mortgage world over the past few days with the launch of the much anticipated Mortgage Market Review from the FSA. Whilst there will always be some who say it wa...

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  • Co-op's new FTB deal could be a game changer

    06 November 2012MeetMyAgent

    The Co-operative Bank is shaking up the mortgage market by launching a new 90% loan-to-value mortgage product aimed at first-time buyers. At 3.99% for a fixed two-year mortgage with no arrangement fe...

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  • Protect your home from damp this winter

    02 November 2012MeetMyAgent

    Winter is a season that often evokes thoughts of good cheer, soft white snow falling and days wrapped up warm by the fireplace. However for many homeowners winter is associated with cold homes, froze...

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  • Working families increasingly dependent on benefits as rents soar

    30 October 2012MeetMyAgent

    A recent report by the National Housing Federation (NHF) has warned that working families are becoming increasingly dependent on state benefits to avoid being evicted from their homes due to soaring ...

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  • Landlords face deposit disputes and a £900 repair bill

    26 October 2012MeetMyAgent

    Since 2007, landlords have been legally required to pay tenants’ deposits into a tenancy deposit protection scheme to ensure safe return at the end of the tenancy. The schemes are also there to...

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  • House sales up but can growth be sustained?

    23 October 2012MeetMyAgent

    Research by Lloyds TSB has shown that house sales rose in 324 of 500 towns tracked in the first six months of this year compared to the same period in 2011. This is a welcome indication of an improvi...

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  • Dealing with tenants’ rent arrears

    19 October 2012MeetMyAgent

    As a landlord there are a number of issues that can arise during the course of a tenancy, and with the current economic situation some tenants are increasingly finding it hard to keep up with their r...

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  • Sell your home faster with the right type of buyer

    16 October 2012MeetMyAgent

    Latest research by Hometrack shows the average time a property is on the market is currently just under 10 weeks, a statistic than has been rising over the past few months, while Rightmove reports es...

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  • What should you do if you have difficulty paying your mortgage?

    12 October 2012MeetMyAgent

    With household bills increasing, cuts to child benefit and unemployment, while falling, still stubbornly high, it’s no secret that many are struggling with their finances. Add to this mix incre...

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  • Is The Funding For Lending Scheme Working?

    09 October 2012Coreco

    When the Funding For Lending Scheme was launched there were many who had high hopes that, whilst it was never going to cure all the lending market's ills, finally there was a scheme that seemed t...

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  • Make being a landlord less taxing

    05 October 2012MeetMyAgent

    Letting property is big business in the UK, and with the state pension situation looking precarious many are looking to property as a way of providing a solid income for retirement. However, renting ...

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  • Tax reliefs on selling a second home

    02 October 2012MeetMyAgent

    Owning a second property, whether used for leisure purposes or to earn rental income, can be very rewarding. However, profit earned when selling a second home will attract Capital Gains Tax (CGT), an...

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  • Choosing the right builder

    28 September 2012MeetMyAgent

    Much has been made of proposals to relax planning pemission laws and allow homeowners greater freedoms to extend their properties, which is likely to provoke more homeowners to consider carrying out ...

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  • Building a dispute case with mydeposits

    25 September 2012MeetMyAgent

    On Thursday 20th September 2012 we held the first MeetMyAgent workshop for letting agents, led by the fantastic team at mydeposits. The interactive workshop took a closer look at the Alternative Disp...

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  • What to do if a tenancy turns sour

    21 September 2012mydeposits

    Are you an attentive landlord attuned to your tenant’s needs? Do you pride yourself on maintaining good landlord-tenant relationships and keeping regular communication? And are your tenants awa...

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  • Things every seller should know about Estate Agents Act changes

    18 September 2012MeetMyAgent

    A recent government consultation has proposed to amend the Estate Agents Act (EAA) 1979, giving more clarity to ‘passive intermediaries’ – Gumtree-style portals that publish listing...

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  • Can estate agents justify their fees?

    14 September 2012MeetMyAgent

    Announcement of a proposed amendement to the Estate Agents Act, allowing for private listing websites to operate outside the scope of the Act, will make many a seller consider whether estate agents a...

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  • How to plan a stress-free move out day

    11 September 2012MeetMyAgent

    So you have finally exchanged on the sale of your property and are ready to move out! Now is the time to prepare for a new challenge: taking care of your moving arrangements. Moving home can be one o...

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  • What will relaxed planning rules mean for me?

    07 September 2012MeetMyAgent

    The government has announced a six-week consultation on relaxing planning laws for a three year period to help kickstart the economy by boosting the construction industry. The proposed changes could ...

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  • Getting the best out of your tenants

    04 September 2012MeetMyAgent

    Letting your property can be time-consuming and tricky, and tenants can be an incredibly fickle bunch. Treat them right and they are your best friend, but treat them badly and they can end up being y...

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  • Landlords not fully protected by anti-squatting laws

    31 August 2012MeetMyAgent

    There have been numerous stories in the media about families going on holiday, only to return to find that their property has been overtaken by squatters. With ‘squatters rights’ previou...

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  • The catch behind rent guarantee insurance

    28 August 2012MeetMyAgent

    With reports of rising rent defaults, many landlords will be thinking of protecting themselves against the loss of rent. We explain the benefits of rent guarantee insurance, as well as look at some o...

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  • Five signs of a great agent

    24 August 2012MeetMyAgent

    Choosing the best estate agent or letting agent to sell or let your home can be difficult, so we run down the five key things that separate the best from the rest. High-quality marketing Look at how ...

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  • Funding for Lending: price wars, cautious lenders and forgotten FTBs

    21 August 2012MeetMyAgent

    This month saw the launch of the government’s highly anticipated Funding for Lending Scheme, aimed at increasing lending for mortgages and businesses. Three weeks in, we look at the early effec...

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  • Landlords: gather round the Tribal campfire

    17 August 2012MeetMyAgent

    Since its inception, landlord forum PropertyTribes has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the busiest property websites in the UK, with an Alexa rank today of 2,323 and over 4,200 activ...

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  • The importance of referencing tenants

    14 August 2012MeetMyAgent

    If you were approached by a person on the street who asked for the keys to your property and promised to look after it, would you give them your keys? Most will surely say no, but the scary thing is ...

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  • Are estate agents lazy and overpaid?

    10 August 2012MeetMyAgent

    Estate agents are often ranked alongside bankers and traffic wardens as one of the most unpopular professions. They are stereotyped as lazy, overpaid, flashy door openers who make fat sums of money f...

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  • Energy Performance Certificates explained

    07 August 2012MeetMyAgent

    As a seller or a landlord, you are legally required to provide prospective buyers and tenants with an energy performance certificate (EPC). We explain whatan EPC isand your responsibilities as a home...

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  • Deposit disputes: don’t fall at the final hurdle

    03 August 2012mydeposits

    For most landlords the thought of a dispute at the end of a tenancy can fill you with dread. But just because only approximately one per cent of tenancies end in a dispute doesn’t mean you shou...

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  • One year of keeping landlords SAFE

    01 August 2012MeetMyAgent

    Today marks one year from the launch of SAFE Agent, the government-approved kitemark which denotes letting agents who participate in client money protection schemes. Unlike estate agency, there is no...

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  • Council tax changes could hit homeowners hard

    27 July 2012MeetMyAgent

    Reform under the Localism Act, putting housing decisions in the hands of local governments, could impact thousands of sellers and landlords as a number of key changes to council tax are being propose...

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  • Three seconds to sell your home

    24 July 2012MeetMyAgent

    Recent research by the UK’s largest property portal, RightMove, showed that buyers are spending an average of just three seconds on a seller’s summary advert before moving on to the next ...

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  • Types of agency agreements

    20 July 2012MeetMyAgent

    Whether you are selling or letting your property, the terms of the contract are important when authorising an estate agent or letting agent. Remember, the vast majority of agents will not charge you ...

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  • The Green Deal - landlords be prepared!

    17 July 2012Seddons

    Later this year, the government-backed “Green Deal” scheme will be rolled out across the country, lauded as a way for landlords to improve their properties by making them more energy effi...

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  • Britain's banks - a matter of trust

    13 July 2012Coreco

    Trust is a fickle thing. It was not too long ago that the local bank was the bastion of British trust, a place where respected bank managers offered a tough but fair assessment of your finances and d...

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  • Don't get caught in the valuation trap

    10 July 2012MeetMyAgent

    When youputyour home up for sale or to let, you will naturally want to achieve the best price for your property. In order to do so, there are a number of considerations to be made, with choosing the ...

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  • Make your home a buyer magnet

    05 July 2012MeetMyAgent

    When selling you home, you will want to make sure that you present your property in the most favourable light in order to find a buyer. Increased buyer caution over recent years means it is now more ...

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  • Check in and check out - more than a tick box exercise

    02 July 2012mydeposits

    There are a lot a lot of things that you need to cover in order to ensure a smooth and successful tenancy. Checking in and out are vital parts of the overall process and should not be viewed as just ...

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  • The Landlord's Guide to Letting

    28 June 2012MeetMyAgent

    So you have taken the plunge and decided to become a landlord, fantastic! We outline some key points you need to consider when letting out your property, from finding a tenant to managing the propert...

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  • Agent regulatory bodies explained

    25 June 2012MeetMyAgent

    When you call an estate agent or letting agent round to value your property, they may tell you they belong to a regulatory body such as TPO, NAEA, NALS, etc. As an owner, do you know anything about t...

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  • 2012: An Olympic year for the UK housing market?

    21 June 2012MeetMyAgent

    We have seen a great deal of conjecture in the press and amongst industry commentators regarding the future of the housing market in 2012. Every month there is a new set of seemingly-conflicting hous...

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  • Choosing an estate agent: stay local or go online?

    18 June 2012MeetMyAgent

    With most buyers searching for a home online, using an online estate agent can be very attractive as they will tend to advertise your property across all of the major portals, securing you important ...

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  • M&S: socks, sandwiches and... mortgages

    14 June 2012MeetMyAgent

    Marks & Spencerhas justannounced that they are adding to their financial services arm with a new proposition offering bank accounts and mortgages in a joint venture with HSBC. They already offer ...

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  • Second-time buyers face £41k hurdle to trade up

    11 June 2012MeetMyAgent

    Buyers are now facing a cost of £41,000 when moving up the property ladder from their first home, almost 300% more than the £14,000 needed to make the same move 10 years ago. The research...

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  • What is really happening to mortgage prices?

    06 June 2012Coreco

    In the midst of the swirling Euro storm which, depending on which report you read, threatens to dip the whole world into endless chaos, the UK mortgage market has been surprisingly stable up to this ...

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  • Olympic lettings - things you should know as a landlord

    28 May 2012Seddons

    The Olympic Games will soon be upon us and a number of property owners may decide to let out their premises for the duration of the event. But before becoming an 'Olympic landlord', you shoul...

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  • What could a Greek eurozone exit mean for the UK housing market?

    23 May 2012MeetMyAgent

    Last week the Bank of England Governor Mervyn King said there is the “risk of a storm heading our way” in relation to the crisis engulfing the eurozone, exacerbated by a seemingly imminen...

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  • MeetMyAgent's Ash: Why I support SAFE Agent

    16 May 2012MeetMyAgent

    I am supporting SAFE Agent awareness week via MeetMyAgent and the reasons for doing so are from personal experience. Before starting MeetMyAgent, I was a lettings manager of a small independent in Fu...

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  • Supporting National SAFE Agent Awareness Week

    14 May 2012MeetMyAgent

    It is important that landlords and tenants are aware of the risks involved when using an agent that doesn’t participate in client money protection schemes - in fact, one of the driving factors ...

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  • Maximising Value - Extending the Lease of Your Flat

    10 May 2012Seddons

    If you own a leasehold flat, whether to live in yourself or as an investment, you may already understand that your lease is a diminishing asset. As the length of your lease reduces, so does its value...

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  • The 10-Step Mortgage Guide

    07 May 2012Coreco

    From preparing to enter the mortgage maze to receiving the mortgage offer that helps you purchase your dream home, this simple, 10-step jargon-free guide will help you take the right turns, avoid the...

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  • Becoming a landlord? Make sure you protect your property

    02 May 2012The Property Insurer

    With tenant demand outstripping supply of housing in many areas of the country, there isn’t a better time to become a landlord. However, many landlords are being caught out simply because they ...

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  • Why NewBuy might be a NoBuy

    25 April 2012MeetMyAgent

    We recently saw the announcement of the government’s NewBuy scheme, which aims to encourage an increase in lending, stimulate the housing market and help first-time buyers onto the property lad...

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  • Let to Buy - the new trend in mortgages

    23 April 2012Coreco

    For many buyers, finding their new home is not the main issue, selling their existing one is the frustrating part. With demand for rental property at a high and rental incomes rising as a result, a g...

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  • Changes to tenancy deposit protection legislation

    20 April 2012Seddons

    Since 1st April 2007, landlords have by law had to protect an assured shorthold tenants deposit in one of three government authorised schemes. The law in this area has recently been updated – w...

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