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Tax reliefs on selling a second home

02 October 2012MeetMyAgent

Owning a second property, whether used for leisure purposes or to earn rental income, can be very rewarding. However, profit earned when selling a second home will attract Capital Gains Tax (CGT), and this guide outlines the difference reliefs that may be available to you. Working out Capital Gains Tax Any profit or gain made from the disposal of …


  • Things every seller should know about Estate Agents Act changes

    18 September 2012MeetMyAgent

    A recent government consultation has proposed to amend the Estate Agents Act (EAA) 1979, giving more clarity to ‘passive intermediaries’ – Gumtree-style portals that publish listing…


  • Can estate agents justify their fees?

    14 September 2012MeetMyAgent

    Announcement of a proposed amendement to the Estate Agents Act, allowing for private listing websites to operate outside the scope of the Act, will make many a seller consider whether estate agents a…


  • How to plan a stress-free move out day

    11 September 2012MeetMyAgent

    So you have finally exchanged on the sale of your property and are ready to move out! Now is the time to prepare for a new challenge: taking care of your moving arrangements. Moving home can be one o…


  • What will relaxed planning rules mean for me?

    07 September 2012MeetMyAgent

    The government has announced a six-week consultation on relaxing planning laws for a three year period to help kickstart the economy by boosting the construction industry. The proposed changes could …


  • Five signs of a great agent

    24 August 2012MeetMyAgent

    Choosing the best estate agent or letting agent to sell or let your home can be difficult, so we run down the five key things that separate the best from the rest. High-quality marketing Look at how …


  • Are estate agents lazy and overpaid?

    10 August 2012MeetMyAgent

    Estate agents are often ranked alongside bankers and traffic wardens as one of the most unpopular professions. They are stereotyped as lazy, overpaid, flashy door openers who make fat sums of money f…


  • Energy Performance Certificates explained

    07 August 2012MeetMyAgent

    As a seller or a landlord, you are legally required to provide prospective buyers and tenants with an energy performance certificate (EPC). We explain whatan EPC isand your responsibilities as a home…


  • Council tax changes could hit homeowners hard

    27 July 2012MeetMyAgent

    Reform under the Localism Act, putting housing decisions in the hands of local governments, could impact thousands of sellers and landlords as a number of key changes to council tax are being propose…


  • Three seconds to sell your home

    24 July 2012MeetMyAgent

    Recent research by the UK’s largest property portal, RightMove, showed that buyers are spending an average of just three seconds on a seller’s summary advert before moving on to the next …


  • Types of agency agreements

    20 July 2012MeetMyAgent

    Whether you are selling or letting your property, the terms of the contract are important when authorising an estate agent or letting agent. Remember, the vast majority of agents will not charge you …


  • Don’t get caught in the valuation trap

    10 July 2012MeetMyAgent

    When youputyour home up for sale or to let, you will naturally want to achieve the best price for your property. In order to do so, there are a number of considerations to be made, with choosing the …


  • Make your home a buyer magnet

    05 July 2012MeetMyAgent

    When selling you home, you will want to make sure that you present your property in the most favourable light in order to find a buyer. Increased buyer caution over recent years means it is now more …


  • Agent regulatory bodies explained

    25 June 2012MeetMyAgent

    When you call an estate agent or letting agent round to value your property, they may tell you they belong to a regulatory body such as TPO, NAEA, NALS, etc. As an owner, do you know anything about t…


  • 2012: An Olympic year for the UK housing market?

    21 June 2012MeetMyAgent

    We have seen a great deal of conjecture in the press and amongst industry commentators regarding the future of the housing market in 2012. Every month there is a new set of seemingly-conflicting hous…


  • Choosing an estate agent: stay local or go online?

    18 June 2012MeetMyAgent

    With most buyers searching for a home online, using an online estate agent can be very attractive as they will tend to advertise your property across all of the major portals, securing you important …


  • What could a Greek eurozone exit mean for the UK housing market?

    23 May 2012MeetMyAgent

    Last week the Bank of England Governor Mervyn King said there is the “risk of a storm heading our way” in relation to the crisis engulfing the eurozone, exacerbated by a seemingly imminen…


  • Maximising Value – Extending the Lease of Your Flat

    10 May 2012Seddons

    If you own a leasehold flat, whether to live in yourself or as an investment, you may already understand that your lease is a diminishing asset. As the length of your lease reduces, so does its value…